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Nikki Avalon

On a trip to Las Vegas for some good gambling fun, I decided that I would partake and spend quality time with a special woman. After trustworthy recommendation, I decided to contact Nikki prior to my trip therei. Let me just say that I was extremely happy that I did. Nikki definitely qualifies to be listed on this site.

She is not only beautiful and classy, with a super body and a really nice ass, but her personality is equally top notch. She is the perfect companion for an evening in Vegas. I spent a total of 3 hours with this beautiful woman and let me just say, the 3 hours seemed more like 30 minutes. What makes her and the other ladies that I have and will hopefully continue to list here is their love for their chosen profession. Nikki really seems like she enjoys what she is doing.

We sipped wine, ate snacks and talk like long lost lovers. She initiated some very memorable moments, her game is top notch. I held on for dear life. A lot of fun. She is very open and all the acronyms you can think of were provided. To say that she was a temporary girlfriend is an under statement more like a couple on their first day honeymooning. We fed each other grapes and strawberries and placed some them in some very sexy hidden areas on her body for me to retrieve.

If after seeing Nikki, you are just satisfied, than I have misled you. When you leave Nikki, marriage proposal might come to mind, planning the next Vegas trip just to see her and justifying booking her for an entire day. 24 hours with this woman and I am pretty sure I would beg her to marry me.

Do I recommend NIKKI. Well friends what do you think . Man just thinking about my meeting with er gets me going. Nikki baby I will be seeing you soon. Did I mentioned that she had a shit load of orgasms. No faking there she loves it just as much as I did. Yes I am the man lol.

Her website is www.nikkiavalon.com. If you do see, please mention the site and my name and tell her that I am searching for the engagement ring.


Looks: 9 Body: 10

Time Spent: 10 Menu : 10+

Desire to Please: 10+ Hygiene: 10+

Good to eat: 10+ bring your folks and spoons and a bib.


Everything contained here is fiction and is for your entertainment and amusement only.

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